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“Their music, like their name, is pointed and witty: unabashed, blunt...this band is on its way to making its mark and making a difference.”

– Say Magazine

Issue 122


Marvel's "The Avengers" movie Lakota Overdub
Our very own singer/songwriter, Thomas Draskovic (Mr. D) voiced the role of Nick Fury for Marvel's movie The Avengers Lakota Overdubs, which is available on Disney+.  To watch the movie in Lakota, select Lakota in the language settings.
You can check out Thomas's interview with Minnesota Public Radio here and read about the project here and here.

pretendians band stories from the fire album cover
"Stories From the Fire" Available!


Our latest album, Stories From the Fire, released July of 2023 is available on all the streaming services and available for purchase at BandCamp and Apple Music.

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Thomas Draskovic
Lead Vocals/Rhythym Guitar

Christine Bartyzal
Drums/Lead Guitar

Jill Bartyzal
Bass/Backup vocals





Pretendians Band has been rocking Minneapolis/St. Paul with their original music since 2014. After years of exploration, Thomas Draskovic (lead vocals, guitar) and Christine Bartyzal (drums, lead guitar), both long-time contributors in the Twin Cities music and theatre scenes, discovered that audiences connected deeply with their work and wanted more. Draskovic and Bartyzal met the moment by turning their experimental project into Pretendians Band. A couple of personnel changes later, they were joined by Jill Bartyzal (bass, vocals), another fixture of the local Twin Cities music scene.


Their original music reflects their heritage and spirit. Known for their unique sound that combines modern Indigenous perspectives with a driving, gritty rock aesthetic, Pretendians Band delivers an energetic style of conscious rock music. Beyond attracting audiences, they’ve also caught the interest of tastemakers, appearing on, and being promoted by radio stations such as Native Voice One, KFAI, KBFT, KZUM, KVSC and SiriusXM Canada.


Despite their name, Pretendians Band are as authentic as they come. Two members of the band represent the Oceti Ŝakowiŋ (7 Council Fires) of the Dakhota/Lakhota Nation, hailing from Standing Rock and Crow Creek/Sisseton tribes of South Dakota.







Pretendians Band draws inspiration from a variety of music genres — including hard rock and melodic metal to punk and even acid jazz — to boldly craft their own unique sound and original songs, blending powerful rhythms with lyrics that reflect their Indigenous views from a contemporary perspective. Their music simultaneously explores their cultural heritage and traditions along with the complexities of contemporary Indigenous society, with songs that address issues of identity, equality, and strength, and deliver a powerful message of resilience, pride, and hope.


Pretendians Band, with its expanding group of followers and their strong reputation for their live shows, stands ready to leave an indelible mark on the realm of rock music and beyond. Their music serves as a tribute to the strength, innovation, and influence of Native culture, emphasizing that the essence of rock and roll knows no boundaries.

Pretendians Band just rock. Check their music out and see for yourself!


"As a Native American band, we speak out against the appropriation of our culture, of our history, of our image. Our lyrics speak to that, and it becomes clear that we are against non-genuine images of our culture.” (Say Magazine, issue 122.)

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