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“Their music, like their name, is pointed and witty: unabashed, blunt...this band is on its way to making its mark and making a difference.”

– Say Magazine

Issue 122


Thomas Draskovic – Vocals/Guitar
Jill Bartyzal
- Bass
Christine Bartyzal - Drums


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Our Interview in CanvasRebel Magazine
Check out our latest interview in CanvasRebel Magazine. Thank you to CanvasRebel Magazine.

pretendians band stories from the fire album cover
"Stories From the Fire" Now Available!


Our new album, Stories From the Fire, released July of 2023 is available on all the streaming services and available for purchase at BandCamp and Apple Music.



Pretendians Band is a Native American rock band that calls Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota home. Formed in 2014, the group has made a name for themselves by infusing their music with a modern indigenous perspective, crafting a dynamic and energy-fueled brand of conscious rock music.

Despite the name of the band, Pretendians Band is not pretending anything. Most of the band represent the Oceti Ŝakowiŋ (7 Council Fires) of the Dakhota/Lakhota Nation, hailing from Standing Rock and Crow Creek tribes.

Pretendians Band draws inspiration from a wide range of rock influences and has crafted their unique brand of rock music by joining it with indigenous-centric lyrics, told from a modern Indigenous perspective.

"As a Native American band, we speak out against the appropriation of our culture, of our history, of our image. Our lyrics speak to that, and it becomes clear that we are against non-genuine images of our culture.“

At the heart of Pretendians Band's music is a commitment to celebrating their indigeneity and history, while also exploring the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. The lyrics touch on themes of identity, justice, and empowerment.


With a rapidly growing fan base and a reputation for live performances, Pretendians Band is poised to make a significant impact on the world of rock music and beyond.


Pretendians Band’s music is a testament to the resilience, creativity, and power of indigenous people, and a reminder that the spirit of rock and roll has zero boundaries.

We just rock. Check us out and see for yourself!

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